El Mercader de Felicidad centers on a business consultant named Carlos who at the opening of the book is reeling from the sudden death of a friend. In his grief, he comes in contact with a mysterious comatose young woman lying in a hospital bed named Laura.

Innately drawn to Laura and her condition, Carlos’s visits to the hospital grow more and more frequent as he tries to help her by employing some unorthodox strategies. He develops a tool based in the Value Added Chain strategic model to analyze how a person generates happiness, in order to increase the value for his vital events. Even though these methods attract the suspicions of the medical staff, Carlos is unrelenting in his devotion to Laura as he becomes convinced that in order to bring her back to consciousness he must discover how one generates their defining moments.

It is this epiphany that takes Carlos on a journey into Laura’s past as he searches for the key details that may lead to her awakening in the present.  Set in Barcelona, England and America, this sweeping novel is woven with existential questions regarding personal happiness and success as well as an examination of the conscious and unconscious choices that determine our lives.